Loch Eggers has been a waterman from the very beginning.  Loch spent much of his younger years paddling at the Outrigger Canoe Club and is not only an excellent paddler with many awards, but also a pioneer for the concept of stand up paddle (SUP) boarding alongside Laird Hamilton. He is very proud to have maintained such a great lifestyle in Hawai’i and very grateful to have been blessed with many gifts by the Hawaiian Culture.  

One of his favorite places to stand-up paddle board is Maalaea when it’s breaking.  He also surfs a lot at Kanaha and Ukumehame Beach Park.  Once in a while, when a big swell comes through, Loch likes to go out to the Outer Reef on Maui.  He enjoys surfing alongside his girlfriend, Jenn the “Makawao Princess”, and anyone else who is out there having fun.  

When he isn’t out on his canoe or stand-up paddle board, Loch also loves to spend time hiking with Jenn.  He enjoys exploring trails with minimal foot traffic and getting to altitudes of about 4,500 feet that allow a perspective of the Maui island he can’t get anywhere else.  

Loch has a long personal tie with the Palaka and has been wearing it for almost 50 years now.  At the age of 5, the Palaka print was already his favorite to wear- he wore both Palaka aloha shirts and Palaka surf shorts.  Loch was sent a Palaka when Western Aloha first released their take on this style of shirt and has loved wearing them ever since.